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Peter and Lois purchased their Habitat home in Arlington in 2000. Peter had already been a Habitat volunteer since 1992, and their love for the Habitat mission grew even stronger as they worked alongside other volunteers to build their own home. Over the years, Peter has traveled all around the country building Habitat homes for other families. He even moved to Biloxi, Mississippi for a period of time to help families rebuild after Hurricane Katrina.
Peter and Lois are not finished giving back yet – they are moving to Americus, Georgia, home of Habitat for Humanity International, where they plan to devote their retirement to Habitat volunteerism. With the sale of the Habitat NOVA home, they continued their generosity by donating $10,00! Peter shared “my wife and I are people of faith, and we tithe. We did so well in the sale of our home that we knew we had to give back a percentage of the proceeds to Habitat NOVA for them to help other families.”  Their dedication to live the Habitat mission is an inspiration to us all.

Homeownership is one of the best ways to create long term growth, stability, and generational wealth. Our homeowners are hard-working individuals who are precluded from homeownership because of the high cost of housing in our area. When a family pays an affordable mortgage, they are able to put the money they would have to have spent on housing back into the community.