Our Projects

Habitat DC-NOVA currently has nearly 70 homes in our construction pipeline for the next five years and beyond. Below you can learn more about our active build sites, our upcoming projects, and our building history across DC and Northern Virginia.

For questions about our projects, please contact us at development@habitatdcnova.org.

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Active Build Sites

Skyland Terrace

  • Location: Skyland Terrace SE, Ward 8, District of Columbia
  • Project Dates: Summer 2022-2023 
  • Specs: Eight 3bd/2.5ba townhomes 
  • Additional features: basements 

The Skyland neighborhood of Southeast DC was home to Habitat DC-NOVA’s first large-scale development project. Beginning in 1995, we built 34 townhomes in Skyland Terrace. In 2021 we returned to Skyland to build an additional 8 townhomes that will be sold affordable to low-income families of up to 6 people. Learn more about these properties.

Constitution Avenue

  • Location: 55th St NE, District of Columbia
  • Project Dates: Started February 2023
  • Specs: 2 condominiums

In 2022, Habitat DC received a generous donation of a two-story walk-up rowhome in Capitol Hill. The property will be turned into two condominiums for a household earning 60%-80% AMI. We look forward to building in Ward 6 and providing two families with an opportunity to purchase their first home.

55th Street

  • Location: 55th St NE, District of Columbia
  • Project Dates: Started February 2023 
  • Specs: 17 3bd/2ba townhome duplexes 

Habitat DC-NOVA has deep ties to the Deanwood neighborhood of Northeast DC. We began building in Deanwood in 2004, completing a total of 61 homes in the neighborhood to date. Deanwood is also home to the first two Passive Houses that DC constructed, the first of their kind in the District. Our upcoming project at 55th St NE will allow us to return to the neighborhood, adding 17 additional affordable townhomes for local families. 

Morrison’s Way

  • Location: Fairfax, Virginia
  • Project Dates: Started December 2023
  • Specs: 1 townhome

Habitat DC-NOVA will complete a renovation of a townhome built by Habitat NOVA in 2004. Renovations will include updates to the HVAC and plumbing systems, kitchen renovation, and other improvements throughout the unit. We look forward to supporting another first-time homeowner with this project.

Upcoming Projects

Reeves Farmhouse

  • Location: Arlington, VA
  • Project Dates: TBD 
  • Specs: 4-5 dormitory apartments with common living space

In partnership with L’Arche of Greater Washington, HomeAid National Capital Region, and Arlington County, Habitat DC-NOVA will redevelop the historic Reevesland Farmhouse to accommodate adults with intellectual disabilities and their caregivers. A new, historically compatible wing will be added to accommodate 5-6 residents and 1-2 caregivers, and the existing farmhouse will be restored and renovated to meet the needs of the residents.

Glebe View Townhomes at Fairfax Presbyterian Church

  • Location: 10723 Main Street, Fairfax, VA
  • Project Dates: TBD 
  • Specs: Ten 3bd/2ba townhomes
  • Additional features: solar panels, 2 units for transitional housing partnership

Habitat DC-NOVA has joined a partnership with Fairfax Presbyterian Church (FPC), HomeAid National Capital Region, and HomeStretch to redevelop a portion of the church’s parking lot into ten townhomes. FPC will provide the land through a long-term ground lease, HomeAid will provide no- to low-cost site work and materials, and Habitat DC-NOVA will be the primary builder. Eight townhomes will be sold affordably to low-income families through the Habitat homeownership program, and two homes will be sold to HomeStretch. HomeStretch will use the two units for their Sacred Homes program supporting families transitioning out of homelessness. The homes will be built to EarthCraft Gold standards and have solar panels.

Lebanon Village at Langston-Slater

  • Location: 43 P St NW, District of Columbia 
  • Project Dates: Est. start of 2024 
  • Specs: Twelve townhomes, mix of 2-3bedroom

Habitat DC-NOVA is part of a development team that won a competitive RFP to redevelop the historic Langston and Slater schools into mixed-type, mixed-income housing. In partnership with Douglass Community Land Trust, we will build 12 for-sale units, five of which will be sold at market rate to cross-subsidize sales to families at 50% and 60% MFI. The 12 units will be a mix of 2- and 3-bedrooms.

Habitat DC-NOVA has built over 300 homes and completed over 240 home repairs since 1988. Below, we have included various projects, including upcoming and current builds.

Homes built in Washington, D.C.