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Habitat for Humanity of Washington, D.C. (DC Habitat) is launching a major 2021 Women Build campaign to raise financial support and awareness for women in need of decent, affordable housing here in our nation’s capital. With help from partners like you, we have set out to raise $250,000 to build the first 8 homes of our 25-home pipeline for local women and their families right here in D.C.

Women, especially those who serve as the head of their families and women of color, disproportionately face obstacles that can make accessing decent, affordable housing seem impossible. The pressure of overcrowded living spaces, the fears of substandard conditions and unsafe neighborhoods, and the uncertainty and stress of navigating hard financial choices for themselves and their families describe many of the factors working against women. Lower wages and gender-based discrimination compound these already difficult circumstances, and the continued economic impacts of the pandemic place women and their families in even greater need of a safe, affordable place to live.

Our 2021 Women Build campaign will support the construction of eight affordable homes in the Skyland neighborhood of Southeast DC. These eight homes will help address the District’s staggering racial and gender wealth gaps by helping women and their families achieve stability through affordable homeownership.

Women Build consists of:

Ready to support?

Make your gift today, and use your voice to join us in advocating for housing policies that make the Cost of Home affordable for women and their families.

Interested in partnering with us?

To learn more about how you can partner with us to support women in need of housing, contact us as at WomenBuild@dchabitat.org.